Monday, February 28, 2011
First up, everyone I know from Christchurch is OK (at least, the ones I know are there).

It was a pretty crazy start to the week on Tuesday. I woke up to a text message saying that Scout (my niece) had been born (it turned out she was born about two hours before the quake). The next text in the queue was from a friend of mine telling me there had been another earthquake in Christchurch. My initial reaction was 'yeah, yeah. They've been having aftershocks for months...', but then I had a quick look at on my phone and couldn't believe what I saw. I raced downstairs and cranked up the laptop, then started up Skype and started calling. Mum was over in aussie helping out Bex and Wade with Finn (he's about 15 months now), so thankfully I didn't have to worry about her (she lived and working inside the four avenues). The first person I got hold of was Blair and I was pretty relieved to hear that his family were all OK, especially his parents out in Sydenham. I then got word from my uncle in Arrowtown that the family in Christchurch were all OK, and about an hour later I got hold of Kate and then Scott. Later in the day Aza told me that Steve E was in Perth and then I got word from Pete that Greg and his Family have bailed up to Nelson.
So I’ve started to relax a bit, although we’re still waiting to find out what’s going to happen with mum’s flat and everything in it. I’m still looking at stuff every day as I’m not sure how many of my friends from school and uni are still in Christchurch.

I can't imagine how it has been for all of you who have been living down in Christchurch during the last sixth months. I hope you are all holding up well, and my thoughts are with you.

@Steve E: I hope your pad is OK man, although I know it doesn’t look good in Littleton. Drop me a line when you get back home.
Friday, January 14, 2011
Well, 2010 is over (thank god for that... if I had to go through another year like that I think I'd go crazy). There's a lot of people I've been meaning to contact over the last while, but I got stuck in a nasty cycle of missed deadlines at work and spent way to much energy trying to get it under control. At the top of the list are Aza, Li and Elvis. I promise I'll be in touch soon guys.

I had a pretty decent start to the year (after an awful finish to last year), I went over to London to visit Mouse for a few days. The weather was terrible, but I learned a lot about good coffee :). Pretty uneventful after that, although I just managed to go through an entire week without a single hour of overtime. Let's hope it's habit-forming, then I might actually get some new photos/videos uploaded...
Friday, June 11, 2010
First up, we managed to make the most of a long weekend last week and got off to the Pfalz for a couple of nights in the tent. We split our time between climbing, playing fottball with Joa and a bit of Petanque. The weather was brilliant and we did a few nice climbs, in particular one that made me realise that it is a long time since my crack climbing days in Frog Buttress. I'd like to tell you that it was the heat that got me repeatedly spat off, but really it's just because I'm a bit of a wimp these days.

The big news came this week when I got back from work today. Tanja had been to Stuttgart and bought back two kittens, Mia and Davy. It' great to have pets again, it's been too long since I had one and Joa has never had any. They're running around like crazy at the moment and seem pretty happy with their new home. Now we just need to figure out how to stop the plants from being used as a scratching post.

There's a link to some photos in the title.
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Well here I am, sitting on the couch on a saturday night... a few years ago I don't think I would have even owned up to that, but I guess life goes on and right now I'm just happy to be off my feet.
It's been a pretty big week at work, but we still managed to get out to the rock three times (the first three times on real rock since we got back from NZ). We were out at Linke Wittlinger getting spat off routes that seemed a lot easier 10 years ago, but it is only the start of summer and by the third day things were looking up :-)
Today Tanja and I spent the afternoon getting beaten at football by Joa and Basti (the kid next door - don't worry, he's a bit older than Joa so no shame in getting our butts kicked). I managed to pick myself up after that and finally get back into the renovation thing, it had been about 4 weeks since I had time to get anything done.
Alright, back to enjoying my quality time on the couch...
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Haven't written anything in a while as there hasn't been much to write about. Started a new project at work which has been keeping me busy until the wee hours. Been learning some pretty interesting stuff - some of which I'll post to the Code page when I get it cleaned up.
Not much going on at home - just the daily grind with no holidays in sight :(
Monday, March 22, 2010
It's been a long time since my last update. Truth is, there hasn't been much going on except work and a lot of minor renovations at home. I'm really hoping that this changes so I'll have something interesting to write, but it's not looking good...
Thursday, January 28, 2010
Just uploaded a short bouldering video from Castle Hill. I hope to get a holiday compilation done at some stage but there doesn't seem to be much time for anything but the house at the moment...
Monday, January 25, 2010
After a couple of long days we arrived in Frankfurt on Saturday evening. We spent the night in Stuttgart at Tanja's parents place and got back home last night.
I'm back at work already and got here pretty early this morning after my jet lag decided that I should wake up at 4am... Hopefully things will return to normal quickly, I don't think I could handle that for too much longer. The car was covered in snow this morning so I guess we'll be climbing indoors for a while.
We still haven't made the shift to digital so there won't be any photos posted until the film has been developed - hopefully sometime this week.
It was great to catch up with everyone back home, sorry to those I missed, I just ran out of time at the end. It was also good to spend a decent amount of time with Aza and to finally meet Li - thanks for sticking around at the Ford :-)
About the only negative thing on the whole trip was all the 'squeezed in' new routes at Paynes Ford, and the so-called 'Rebolting' (Retro-Bolting) of routes like 'Feral Pakeha'. That's not a dig at the Bolt-Fund guys, there has been a lot of long overdue work being done over the last few years, just some of the older routes aren't really what they used to be. One quality addition to the crag in the last years was 'Powerline' on the globe wall, it was about the only new line in the last few years that seemed to be worth putting bolts in...
Anyway, that's the way it goes, and at least it's not as bad as some parts of Europe ;-)
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
We're off to Castle Hill today - just out for the day and then heading over to the west coast for a day or two before we spend the remainder of the holiday down in Wanaka.
We got back to Christchurch on Monday after spending Christmas and New Years up in Kaiteri and Golden Bay. Tanja and I got a lot of climbing in but Joa spent more time fishing with his uncle than on the rock.
Monday, December 14, 2009
After about 40 hours of travel we made it back to Christchurch. We left the house full of unpacked boxes but we managed to get the basics sorted so that we can get by when we're back in January.
We'll be in Christchurch for the next couple of days and then well be off up to Golden Bay for about 10 days. Really looking foward to a bit of time at the Ford...